Friday, February 23, 2007

Help! I'm slipping into the netherworld of television.

It's a bad bad thing for me to live so close to someone who owns every single episode of the West Wing. I've watched 15 episodes of Season 7 since WEDNESDAY MORNING. I didn't intend to camp out in front of the tv, it's just that, you know, my life is conducive for television watching right now. I usually don't do that (except for Oprah and the first hour of the Today Show), but for the past few days, I have. I have to stop, though, because I had a dream last night that Chandler - isn't his name Joe Brown? I can't remember - from White House Council's office in Season 4 and I were investigating Toby. It was a scary dream, actually. So. No more West Wing until Monday. Maybe Sunday night. But definitely not before.

In the meantime, the demise of Toby reads like Shakespeare. And I am so so sad to see it happen - CJ is the only one left from the golden years. But I'm glad he and Josh are working together (however covertly) again. The scene with Abby and Jed talking about Ellie being straight was hysterical. Not too sure what I think about Will and Kate - it seems slightly creepy to me. And Donna and Josh! They BETTER finish the show with Donna and Josh eloping or something. Seriously. But don't tell me if they did - I'll find out Monday. Maybe Sunday.

Luckily, today I have actual work to do, so I won't be home to be tempted to cheat. Happy Friday, everyone!


Cher said...

I actually cried when WW went off the air! I didn't have the DVR then to record to.. darnit! I heard it still comes on some cable station but apparently not any that I have.

Nick M. said...

Steph it is SOOO good, the story lines in 6&7 made the series finish off pretty strong in my opinion (5 was okay but it was kind of the black sheep of the seasons to me). I can't wait for you to finish off the rest and give me (us) your thoughts. I too was saddened by the demise of Toby but again not all that surprised either, he's always been the tormented one. Keep watching don't worry about being obsessed I watch it EVERY night when I go to bed! :-)