Saturday, January 27, 2007

it's a hell of a life, but it's somebody's life, up and down the street all day.

Hey Band Family, remember how bad January always was? I hated every January that we were in the band, but I never saw it coming. I remember thinking, "What is WRONG? Why is life so busy and complicated right now? Why haven't I seen my husband in weeks?" It was because it was January, and January was always the month to either practice for a tour, or record an album, or drive back and forth to North Carolina three days every week, or some other ridiculous and exhausting task that, back in October, had seemed a completely reasonable thing to agree to do. Remember? I got Taylor because of one of those Januarys (-ies?). By Valentine's Day, I'd had enough. I finally told Brian, "Either you come home, or I want a dog. I need for it to matter if I am home at night." We picked out Taylor the next week.

Now that I think about it, I always hate January. Last year, we shared croupe with a multitude of children, and started to get serious about where our lives were going. The January before, we'd just moved from a situation we loved into one that wasn't all we'd expected it to be. So it wasn't just during band life; January usually doesn't go well for me.

This one didn't disappoint.

Our heat was out for the better part of a week, we've had a major life change, and Brian hasn't had been home for more than a few hours at a time since (NO KIDDING) January 2. Last night at dinner, I was saying, "What is WRONG? Why is life so busy and complicated right now? Why haven't I seen my husband in weeks?" Duh.

Good riddance January. Next year, someone remind me to duck and cover.


Emily said...

Only a few more days. How is little Asher by the way???? I want to meet him soo bad.

Emily said...

By the way, I just read your blog about the heat and that is AWESOME! Who said complaining never gets you anywhere??? :)

buf said...

but Elvis was born in January. (j)

allison said...

Right on, little mamamamamama.
Your Marmee (not Allison) -- I just forgot my ID