Friday, December 22, 2006

we're home.

What a whirlwind week. I'll do my best not to make this heretofore a "mommyhood blog", but you're going to have to humor me for a little while. For the next few months it will be hard to think about anything else. After that, though, I promise I'll write about life outside of our four walls. I'll try to, anyway.

In the meantime, guys, he's perfect. He has black hair and dark blue-gray eyes. He makes this cute little squeaky sound when he's cold (I know that I will not always think his cry is cute. But for now, the new hasn't worn off, and it still is). And he knows who I am! He knew me the first time he heard my voice.

The whole experience is really amazing.

All that I will say publicly about All Things Medical is that none of it was as bad as I expected. If you've read this site at all in the past month, you know that I was pretty apprehensive about labor. I'll talk privately in more detail (but only if you ask!), but I really didn't need to be so afraid of it. There was never a point, either in labor or surgery or post-surgery, that I felt like it was more than I could handle.

Christmas came early to the Gates' house this year.

Good night everyone.


buf said...

I'm so proud of you...and proud for you! :) - jane'

The Bean said...

He is BEAUTIFUL guys! Congratulations and I hope to see you guys this coming week!!! Let Nicholas know if it will be a possibility.

Ciona said...

GORGEOUS!!! Please blog about nothing but him for as long as you'd like! So happy for you two!

Liz said...

He is as beautiful in pictures as he is in person!!! Love you!!!

Mechelle said...

He is so cute!

Valerie said...

It is safe to say that no one here will mind if you blog about Mommyhood from now on. So exciting! Congratulations!