Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's 7:05 am and I've been up for over two hours. My body refuses to accept that we're back on standard time - I haven't slept past 6 am since the time change. Sigh.

(A side note before I get into this - if you Googled "Ted Haggard" and are looking for real information, you clicked the wrong site. This is just me and my opinions. Try NPR or the church website for actual information).

Here's the thing about Ted Haggard: in the circles I have been for the past few years, he's a well-respected guy. He led a prayer movement twenty (or more) years ago that changed the spiritual landscape of Colorado Springs. Not only did he start the church that is now the largest in Colorado, but his church has planted several others, one of which is arguably the fastest growing church in Birmingham. Now there's an association that plants churches all over the US based on the model used by New Life and Ted Haggard. We have one of those churches in our area, and actually interviewed with another in Kansas City. He's written books, led a prayer center, started a school ... I could keep going. My point is, Ted Haggard has done a lot of good for a long time. It's sad to see all of that tainted by scandal now.

That's all - I know that pride goeth before the fall, and that there's a season for everything. I also know that some of the greatest "achievers" in Scripture also had the biggest moral failings. It's still sad to watch it happen.


Heather said...

So, er, what did he do?

Gene Mason said...

Ted Haggard had nothing to do with that church in Birmingham, to my knowledge. The original planters are all from Birmingham, and the church grew out of two other Birmingham churches. Their first Pastor was from Arizona. In fact several of the founding members still go there. Just thought you might want to get your facts straight.