Wednesday, September 20, 2006

it's sunny and fall outside, and my windows won't open. sad.

Asher Update:

Asher's growing and kicking, just like he's supposed to. But here's something strange - he's growing vertically right now. My belly no longer begins at its button; now it starts at my sternum. It looks like a little wall of baby is advancing forward into the world. And I SWEAR that most of pregnancy is a wives' tale. Make up a symptom - anything, seriously - and somebody will tell you, "I had a cousin's wife's best friend who had the exact same thing when she was pregnant." It's ridiculous. RI-diculous.

Reading Update:

I'm not. That's your update. I took a book off the shelf two days ago, but it's still sitting in the living room, unopened. Reading takes energy, and like Joshilyn, I prefer the mindlessness of TV these days.

Coffee Update:

Sigh. Here is my issue with life at the coffee shop - I want to do every job well. And yet, if I'm not careful, I can be overtaken by the swirling mass of drama that is in every establishment of this kind. This week, it has been particularly hard to fight the undertow. But I really can't afford for it to win, because then I'll want to MOVE ON FROM MAKING COFFEE ALREADY, and I REALLY don't need to move on just yet. So it's time, once again, for me to take a deep breath and repeat, "It's just coffee." Because it is, you know.

Montgomery Update:

I love our neighborhood. And I love living in town (as opposed to life on the lake, which was beautiful, but inconvenient). Our apartment is good, too - all that we need for it to be, and appreciated for its location more than anything else. Also, we are making friends, and we all know that friends are the difference between tolerating life and enjoying it. So, overall, life in Montgomery is good. Our restaurant choices are still lacking, but, meh.

Brian Update:

Since Brian doesn't blog, really, I'll speak for him for just a moment. Brian is teaching science, and though he's a little bumfuzzled by the number of kids who would rather make a 3 on a test than study for it, he's enjoying it. Can't you see Brian as a teacher? I totally can.


Taylor Update:

Taylor is living with us again, and has been, since we moved into the apartment. He's fine. He gets bored with his little world, having been exposed to basements and backyards and all manner of fun since the last time he was stuck in an apartment. But he does okay. The most interesting thing about Taylor is that he has a buddy, a squat little dog who shares a back fence with ours. He has a bark that makes Brian quote in a gruff voice, "Your mama sure does care about your education, boy."


Heather said...

I can see him teaching science, yes.

I get to SEEEEE you Friday night!

Nick M. said...

Brian is a GREAT teacher.

You are a WONDERFUL barista and mom-to-be.

I am a BAAAAADDDD friend.

I need to see both of you soon and that ball is in my court, I know, but I miss you guys and I'm sorry I suck lately.

Liz said...

The only reason I would ever wish to live in Montgomery again would be to be near you both!!
Love the update. Wish I could see you. Guess I will have to wait till October. Sorry your windows wont open. It is FREEZING here and my windows are open (not by choice). My nose was an icecle when I woke up this morning! Yikes. LOVE YOU

(oh, and it IS just coffee...but coffee makes my days start a little better with than without. so when you start feeling pulled in the undertow, remember, you are helping people! hehe)

buf said...

yeaaaaaaaah, I understand about coffee shop drama. it's hard for me not to get sucked into card shop drama. at least 90% of my co-workers are UMass girls, though, so it's kinda fun :) keeps me young, ya know? I'm ollllld. -- j

Anonymous said...

Yay Steph! You are such a dedicated blogger, I love reading your updates:)