Monday, September 18, 2006

another call to those more computer literate than myself. but this request will be fun. i promise.

There was a poem called "Alcoholic" in an anthology of poetry my mom used to have. I have no idea which anthology ... anyway, the first line is "He was like the Lord drunk." The poem is about a man who thinks he's holding the world in his hands, but he's really an old drunk, rolling a green marble between his fingers and staring into it for some deeper meaning. I LOVED the poem. But now I can't find it anywhere. Anyone want to help? Valerie? Lane? Janet? You all are pretty savvy at finding the hidden crevices of the Internet. Anyone? Anyone?


Lane said...

"Alcoholic" by F.D. Reeve. I found it an e-book called "A World You Haven't Seen". Here's the link: Here

buf said...

well, he beat me!!! (j)