Monday, September 25, 2006


Anyone else ever noticed that these blogs all have great, thought-provoking titles, but are full of banality?

So, here's mine for the day:

My dog peed on a poodle today. ON the poodle. He escaped from the apartment and peed directly on the poodle's back. Brian said, "It would have been better if he'd HUMPED the poodle. At least that's NATURAL. How do you explain to another dog owner why your dog is peeing on his?" It was ridiculous. He was promptly sent to his bed for being a Bad Dog. Thankfully, the other owner was polite about it. He chuckled and said, "They're just, um, getting to know one another." Right. Do YOU urinate on all of your acquaintances? I appreciated his graciousness, nonetheless.


Heather said...

Only when I am pregnant. *snicker*

Leslee said...

When I brought my Eskimo home the first thing he did was go up to the chain link fence and pee on the neighbor's weeny dog. I guess it happens more then we realize.

Nick M. said...

Are you trying to tell me that I am 'banal'?

I don't know how I feel about that...

Mrs. Bartlett (to Josh): "now you are wishing it had been banality aren't you?"

Josh: "yes ma'am, thank you ma'am"

That one is for you, Steph, because I don't think anyone else will get it.

Stephanie said...

Josh: "A little head's up would be nice."

Donna: "I said, 'Josh.'"

Nick, I thought of that clip, too. We still have your season five, by the way.

buf said...

haaaa, geez, that poor poodle! mindin' its own business, then BAM peed on. My doggie made a run for it yesterday - weird rash of escape attempts across the nation, eh? all she did was run around and sniff things, though. she couldn't find anybody to pee on, I reckon. (jab)