Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my homework

Top ten songs on the last CD left in the world, or something.

1. My Everything, by the IHOP band. This is just the first title from the IHOP band that came to mind. In reality, I'd like to just be with the IHOP band (the Friday night/ Tuesday morning worship team at the International House of Prayer - affectionately known as "The A-Team" in our house) during this supposed musical apocalypse, and then I wouldn't have to choose just one. But for argument's sake ...

2. Bravery, by Charlie Hall. It reminds me of all things pure and genuine about faith.

3. a song by Chopin that is known in my house as "The Raindrop Sonata." I don't know its actual name. When I was a kid my mom would play the piano for us at night sometimes. This song was my favorite - I have an entire storyline in my head connected to it, that I'd always tweak while dozing off. Good times.

4. Closer to Fine, by the Indigo Girls. Emily is right - there's something about singing loud with your friends in the car, and this is my song for that.

5. Mother of God, by Patty Griffin. Because it's pretty.

6. Beautiful Day, by U2. Because I'm going to need some U2 to get me by.

7. Something in the Way She Moves, by James Taylor. But only if Brian survives the music apocalypse (do musicians count? Have they been annihilated, too?).

8. A Day in the Life, by the Beatles. Because I like it.

9. Out of the Woods, by Nickel Creek. This song reminds me of the season in my life when I began to actually enjoy being alone, rather than just tolerating it.

10. A recording of Georgia singing herself a lullaby ("Rock-a-bye Georgie on the treetops," she says). Because it is the cutest thing EVER (at least until I meet Asher Paul).


Heather said...

Yeah, Asher will be so cute. :)

mikkeeliz1 said...

you should write out the story in connection with the chopin song! it sounds like a great children's book.