Monday, July 03, 2006

10 years later

I got an email last week: "Our tenth reunion is coming up, and we're putting together a student profile booklet. Please write a short bio and email it to ..."


Name: Stephanie
Occupation: Barista, former (and, hopefully, future) social worker/ teacher for young children with disabilities
Marital status: married for almost six years to a musician/ worship leader, soon-to-be mother, owner of one very cool golden retriever
Interests: The summer after graduation, I was adopted by my step-dad, so the last name that you remember is no longer my maiden name. I've moved every year since high school. I spent three years at Auburn, where I lost 60 lbs, worked for a church, fell in love, and earned a degree. I was married in 2000, and since then I've been to North Carolina, Kansas, Colorado, and all manner of youth camps in between. I owned a house for a while, then lived in Nashville for a while. Last year, I lived in Birmingham, where I was reaquainted with Stephanie and got to see her baby born. After that, my husband and I quit our jobs to go to Kansas City, where we lived in a basement and prayed. Since then, I've been living in my parents' extra bedroom in Slap-Out and working in a coffee shop. I enjoy hiking, paddling, reading, and prayer, until recently, when my faith has been stretched thin as a result of life circumstances. I'm having a baby on Christmas Day.


The thing is, I really liked high school. And it would be fun to participate in all of the reunion festivities - fun, that is, if I could answer the "What are you doing now?" questions coherently. But I can't. I would love to go to a reunion, JUST NOT RIGHT NOW. I can argue this both ways - I can say, I have nothing to prove, so I don't need to go. But if I meant that, and I really didn't have anything to prove, then I WOULD go.

So there it is - the ugly truth about me and my ten year reunion. I deleted the email requesting a bio. This time around, I prefer to remain a rumor. Maybe by my 20th, I'll have a life that fits into a paragraph.


Heather said...

I wonder what it i slike to have a life that fits into a paragraph. I've never had one. Honestly, I don't really want one. But, limbo sucks too. I am sorry, Steph. I think, for what it's worth,t hat you should go anyhow. You are too amazing for words. I'd hate to miss you if I were going to be at that reunion.

Stephanie said...

Your bio is actually really good...way better than mine. You should send it...You have never had to prove anything to anyone, but if people got to know you now they would see how much you have grown and continued to become the awesome and beautiful person you are. You are more confident in yourself and more sure of what you do believe in many ways. its too bad you aren't have a lot more to share with folks than "what you are doing". I love you! PS I am not going either :)

Liz said...

I agree...all around. That bio is actually wonderfully truthful and interesting and probably way better than most other boring bios they would get. And since when is life SUPPOSED to fit into a paragraph?? If you want to go, go. You do have an answer to the question "What are you are doing now?" You are expecting your first baby and waiting on God's guidance!! Exciting stuff. Like Heather, I'd hate to miss you if I were going to that reunion (and that goes for BOTH Stephanies!!!)

The Bean said...

You crack me up Stephanie. I loved your bio and think that you should send it on wether you go or not. Everybody could then see what they were missing by not keeping in touch with you over the years.

Stephanie said...

For anyone who is interested, my reunion is happening right now. I'm skipping it. But I DID send in a bio - less interesting than this one, but completed nonetheless.

Cindy said...

In today's world that first bio would have gone "viral" and rightly so. It was/is beautiful.