Friday, June 23, 2006

reading update

Good morning.

I finished the Narnia series a few nights ago. I loved it. Except that my two least-favorite books were The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and The Last Battle, and those are the two most overtly theological stories in the series. I liked the subtleties better. The Magician's Nephew, I think, is my favorite.

Someone asked me about Barbara Kingsolver recently, and I realized that I haven't talked enough about Barbara Kingsolver here. If you haven't, read something by her. If Poisonwood Bible was too involved for you, try The Bean Trees or Prodigal Summer. She's just SO good. That's all.

Happy Friday to you.


Heather said...

I don't remember which Narnia book I liked best. I will eventually reread I suppose. I do love Barbara though. The Bean Trees may be my fave by her.

Liz said...

It was me! I mentioned Barabra and how I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!! I just finished reading Pigs in Heaven (which I found out a bit too late was the sequel to Bean Trees) and was so engrossed in the near-ending yesterday that I almost missed my exit off the subway!! Yikes. I tried to go to the NYC library yesterday, but they close at 6pm! In a city that never sleeps - really, the library is going to close at 6!? So I went to the book store on my street and bought the complete Chronicles series for $9!! I started the Magacians Newphew on the commute this morning (and again nearly missed my exit!) I love being able to read for fun again!! =) I have also decided two things: 1)I want to own every Barbara Kingsolver book there, create my own like BK library if you will. 2)I want to me Barabra! You know those lists people send around, If you could meet one famous person, who would it be? I now have an answer.

Liz said...

Ok, before Valerie can begin the point deduction, let me please correct my own hurried response:

-I tried to go to the library to find Bean Trees.
-I want to own every BK book there...ever was (I should start completeing more)
-There should have been no "like" in the next sentence - too many years working with children/youth I am afraid. Or I could blame it on Amanda from Roma's - but that is only funny if you know her, which sadly, none of you do...

buf said...

See, now, I'm not really into B.K. I read Poisonwood Bible and didn't like it. I dunno..I think we talked about that at Pat and Margaret's and you guys told me to try a different book. Hmm.

Magician's Nephew and the Last Battle are my two favorite Narnia books, subtleties aside :D They're just darn entertaining.

-- jab

buf said...

um...Liz also put "I want to ME Barbara Kingsolver"...I believe she meant she wanted to MEET BK. Not me her. Rawr, do points get deducted for that? Heh.

being a weirdo,

Valerie said...

Yes, minus 250 points for clarity. She could have just as easily meant BE her... tsk, tsk.

Also, minus 100 points for completing. C-O-M-P-L-E-T-I-N-G.

Plus 300 points for getting to read for fun again!