Friday, May 26, 2006

on politics and Jesus

Every time this conversation comes up, I avoid it. It is not for lack of an opinion (of course), nor for lack of passion about the topic. I just ... I just don't want to get into it. It affects too many people that I love, and talking about it doesn't do me (or them) any good. But I will say this, in general, about politics and religion and the intermingling of the two. Here it is, for those who were curious: my general opinion about politics and Jesus.

If you are a believer, and you agree with a particular right or privilege or governmental decision, then, in that particular situation, your response is easy. Jesus tells us to love our neighbors, and it's easy to love someone that sees life the same way you do. So your response, if you choose to follow Jesus, is to love those who agree with you.

And if you are a believer, and you disagree with a particular governmental decision, then it's a little harder to respond in a way that is conducive with the teachings of Jesus. Jesus says to love your enemies, and to pray for those who persecute you. Paul goes on to say that we should bless those who curse us, and in our anger, not to sin. So if you are following Christ, your response (biblically) is to love the people who disagree with you, and to even love those who benefit from their decisions.

Whether you agree or disagree, as a believer, our response should be one of love.

In light of this, what does it matter what I think? Shouldn't my response be the same?

Now I'll duck and cover, since tomatoes are in season.


Nick M. said...

You are absolutely right. It is all about loving as Jesus did. I agree completely, I just need to work on not being so opinionated and keep it to myself, because like you I think my opinions (while unintentional) tend to alienate people or create barriers that I wouldn't want.

buf said...

sweet Stephanie :) I guess I don't agree with the whole "opinions don't matter, really" because they do. they shape what we say every day, what we do, who we spend time with, how we vote when it comes down to it - and while I don't in the LEAST consider people who disagree with me "my enemy", it IS sorta nice to know, in a situation like this, who the cruel, closed-minded people are - and who among us is more open to love and life liberty and the pursuit of happiness [which in my case, would be a very alternative, not so normal family].

me said...

I have always thought it is pretty simple...Love God, Love People.

Stephanie said...

Hi Jane',

I guess my point is not that we shouldn't have an opinion, but in how I spend my energy. I just don't want to spend all of my energy trying to get everyone to agree with me, is all. But I DO have an opinion, and am happy to share it with you TOMORROW in the CAR when I SEE YOU (yay).

Heather said...

I will miss seeing you Mon. I need to see you before July. *sniffle*

No toms from me. I agree.

buf said...

I know - I was just sayin'. Our opinions are not EVERYTHING, but they are definitely SOMETHING, ya know? :) -- yay! tomorrow! - j

JohnnyCaffeine said...

Hello Stephanie..I am Mary Davis's brother John aka Johnny Caffeine. I thought I would toss my two cents into the bucket. Not only did Jesus say "love thy neighbor", but he also said "if a person takes your jacket, give him your shirt too." These are even more devisive actions that people are just not willing to comprhend. Most church leaders will explain it away just like the story of the rich young ruler. "It's only a metaphor, and not literal". The funny thing is this is the stance of the same people who want you to take stories of streets of gold literally too. How ironic.