Monday, March 13, 2006

She always knows just what to say.

Man, I had the wine glass in hand. I was about to take off my shoes, put my feet up ... I'll just do, I'm gonna do the Send You On Your Way song. Thank you so much, you're sweet, this is your Send You On Your Way song.

Must have walked ten million miles
Must have walked ten million miles
Wore some shoes that weren't my style
Ten million miles.

I've been kind, I've told some lies
Like everyone whose lived or died
Like everyone who's ever tried
To walk ten million miles.

I memorize and I forget
Do some things that I regret
Wish for things I never get
Walk in the rain and get wet

Must have walked ten million miles
Must have walked ten million miles
So think before you criticize
Ten million miles.

Traveled around from place to place
Wore some rags around my waist
Other times I dressed up lace
But I always searched for your sweet face

You ought to come sometime for tea
Maybe we could see the sea
Talk alot, or let things be
Just enjoy the mystery

I must have walked ten million miles
Must have walked ten million miles
Wore some shoes that weren't my style
Fell into the rank and file
So just say I was here awhile
A fool in search of your sweet smile
Ten million miles.


Scooter said...

One of my very favorite Bob Dylan/Patty Griffin songs!! And how true is this song for my sister...

Mary said...

YES. Patty has a song for every occasion, don't you think?

Scooter said...

she is THE person who says everything that I am feeling and have felt.

Heather said...

How do I not know her music?

Mary said...

heather. email me your mailing address immediately.

Heather said...


Mary said...

I am sending Heather IN THE MAIL TODAY, a compilation from the live album, 1000 kisses, & Impossible Dream....everyone MUST explain to her that the lack of samples from living w/ ghosts and FLAMING red is OK, but not the best ever and NOT representative of her FABULOUSNESSl.

ps heather (i forgot to mention in the note i sent that if you hear a dixie chick song, it just means that Patty was the writer for that song...she would never in a million years need to COVER a DC song)

Scooter said...

It is definitely an emergency if you don't have her music. Oh, it is so, so good. My best friends Nanna died yesterday, and I'm traveling all the way to Montgomery to buy her a Patty Griffin cd. I think that the sadness in the songs (they aren't all sad, but most are tragic) helps with mourning. It has helped me, anyway!

Liz said...

There is without a doubt a Patty song for every occassion. heather, I don't know how you missed out for SO long! That must make us terrible friends for not introducing you sooner. So sorry! =( Steph - perfect post for leaving, and I love that you included her intro from the live version - that is one of my favorite things!!!

Mary said...

ALSO, did anyone see patty's camio in Elizabethtown??? Everyone should go out and rent it! It is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I love cameron crowe. long ride home is on the sound track i do believe AND patty is doing a version of Moon River on one of the soundtracks which i imagine is amazing!

Valerie said...

I [heart] Flaming Red. Flaming Red, Tony, Mary (the song, not the Mrs. H)- it is a disservice to the world that you don't have those on your CD, Heather, but it's better that you have some than nothing... [sigh]

Minus 600 points for all of us for letting Heather go this long without.

Stephanie said...

no wait wait ... i played "living with ghosts" for you when we were in mississippi in november. but i also played several other cd's at the same time, so maybe you don't remember.

chief, long ride home, living with ghosts ... are three of my favorites that immediately come to mind.

Mary said...

WELL to be FAIR, there are a couple of older songs on the CD I sent, but they are from the LIVE album, not the originals. (I think Mary the song not the Mrs. H is on there).

I also heart Flaming Red the song and the album. Me and my red shoes, nothing can please us.

Heather said...

ROFL at the Dixie Chick thing. Seriously. I have not smiled all evening (sick kid) and i needed that. *snicker*

I can't wait!!

Liz. Steph has definitely mentioned her to me before. And I had planned to rip all of her CDs while she was here, but time got away from us.

I remember you playing CDs for me. Specifically I remember one Sandra McCracken song that I loved, but the rest has blurred together. I think you played Mindi Smith for me?????

Laurie said...


Heather said...

Rolling on the Floor Laughing - ROFL

I should have let Lane answer that. *snicker*

Mary, the CD arrived. I am waiting on my kids to leave me alone (ie go to bed) before I try to listen.