Monday, February 06, 2006


Last week, during dinner, the four-year-old had something to say. "Wait a minute," his dad said. "Yes, but Dad ..." the kid said. "No. Don't interrupt. I want you to wait." The kid sat for a minute, kicking one foot, veritably contorting with the desire to speak. "I ..... can't ..... doooooooo .... it," he said, each word its own statement. "Yes, you can," his dad replied. "Wait." Now it was a test of wills. The kid sighed. Put his head on the table. Sat up, sighed again. Gulped his milk, then picked up his fork. He started mixing the food on his plate, ketchup on top of meat on top of beans. Silence. Then, "Now. What did you need?" "Nevermind," said the kid. "I did it myself."

And I thought, kid, I know exactly how you feel.