Monday, December 12, 2005

my thoughts on the reunion

First of all, Heather gives me entirely too much credit.

Second, it wasn't nearly complete. It was fun, but you - you know who you are - I missed you both all weekend. There were a few moments that you two would have enjoyed greatly, such as
a. when Mary spent half an hour telling Mechele and I about how her dad talks too much (love to Mary anyway, of course).
b. when Mechele said, "It was a situation in which both of our husbands lost their balls. Jonathon wouldn't let me say anything, because I'm too bitchy, but ... "

We saw Pat and SUzanne and drove through Cloverdale and went to the scary Winn Dixie and I missed you both.

Having said that, it was fun to be (mostly) together again. I have been thinking about Heather's comments about being different, and I think that applies to all of us. I'm so glad the years of drama are behind us. IT WAS SO NICE TO ATTEND A NORMAL WEDDING, wouldn't you agree? Saturday morning, Brian says to me, "Last night was surprisingly low key. I guess we're growing up." Nobody cried or boycotted or anything ... a good time was had by all. The grown-up reunions are more fun than the Huntingdon years were, in my opinion.

In the years since I met Brian and Nick and Lane in Houston (of all places), the Huntingdon group has shared six weddings, four funerals, two miscarriages, three hospitalizations, one elopement, one birth, one major move, two vehicles, and about a bajillion dollars worth of music and equipment and transmissions and Cracker Barrell. It's been good. And infuriating, and irritating, and predictable, and exciting, and occasionally irrational ... but mostly good.

Love to you all, both present and absent this time around.


Brian said...

yeah, the cracker barrell made me fat and the transmissions and equipment gave me an ulcer! good times, good times.

Stephanie said...

PS Brian says we met in Dallas, not Houston. Which one is the airport that has the hotels in it? That's where we were ...

Valerie said...

They both have hotels in their airports. In fact, they both have 2 airports...

Love you too.

Nick M. said...

Dallas definitely Dallas! More thoughts on the weekend coming soon!