Wednesday, November 16, 2005


* My hair has no chance in the windy (and surprisingly humid) Kansas climate. I live in a ponytail these days. Sadly ...

* I am also working on putting up new pictures on our flickr site. The logistics of that become more complicated now that we don't have our own computer.

* If I don't have your mailing address, will you email it to me?

That's all ... now I'm off to find a job ...

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Linda said...

What a happy day! I have missed your entries, it was so great to read the ones you left today. My heart is always warmed by what you write, especially when I see healing taking place, and can read that you (and Brian) are happy. I would love to experience dinner with all eleven of you, and the prayer room as well. As far as coming and staying with ya'll.....thanks so much, but, this mom can find a Hampton Inn somewhere! I'm just not too sure I could handle 7a.m. with eleven people, I know I'm not getting old, I must just be maturing. :)
I'm praying for you and for Brian,
I love you both very much.
P.S. You are adorable with you hair in a ponytail.
I can hardly wait to see the pictures.
You have my address and I am happy to have yours.
Good luck with a job, I know God will bless you with something fun!
You are right, rest is good, so rest, enjoy, and be happy! :)
Tell Taylor g'ma misses him!