Saturday, May 13, 2006


1. YAY AND THANK YOU JANET FOR MY FIRST BABY GIFTY (she gave me the cutest yellow ducky, everyone. I mean a seriously CUTE yellow duck. AND she's sent me two cards and books this spring. And what have I sent her? Nothing. Not one single thing. That has to earn me the Most Sheepish Blogger of the Week Plate. Even so, YAY and THANK YOU to Janet). I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

B. Here is the word that characterizes my life right now: E-X-T-R-E-M-E. I've been on this roller coaster since last July, but in the most recent leg of our little adventure, each day requires an inordinate amount of energy to do normal things - like drive and work and eat and sleep and breathe, all in one day. It's because I have this little grain of rice that needs more calories and more hormones than my body has ever used or produced before. Add to that the internal pressure to get our act together before that little grain of rice is the size of an apple, then a kitten, then a PERSON, and you can see why I am not blogging much lately.

I have so much to say, I really do. I wrote a whole SERIES on The God's Will Conversation, but I haven't posted it because I haven't had the energy for the discussion that will follow. I've also started posts about intimacy and identity (because Valerie got me to thinking), but stopped writing before they really developed into anything. I just can't do it, guys. There's a time for everything, and this is my time to function. It will be time to discuss later. It's not that blogging is out, it's not that I've lost interest. It's that, already, my little grain of rice needs me to do things like EAT and SLEEP more than seems NATURAL. So if I haven't called you back (and you know who you are - all three of you, I'm embarrassed to say) or emailed you back or had anything significant to say in weeks, all I can say is don't give up on me. I'll be back soon. Until then, please leave a message after the tone, and at least I'll hear it and smile before I fall back asleep (or eat, again).

III. Anybody read "Gilead"? I don't know the author, but it won the Pulitzer. I read the back cover yesterday, and it sounds really good. I am currently reading "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" (book 5 of the Chronicles of Narnia). I just finished "Prince Caspian" (book 4). I read Narnia, I put it down, I read something else. A month later, I pick it up. This is how it's been. But I really do like it. So far "The Magician's Nephew" is my favorite.


Mary said...

I don't care if you blog or email me back... I am just SO glad to hear that even if you are on a roller coaster... you are OK... that is the main thing.

I am the worst at emailng or calling people back... sometimes it is more than I can handle too. But no matter what you are going through... we are ALL going to be glad to have the baby gates next winter!!! It will all be worth it.

Keep us posted when you can. I am praying for you guys.

Valerie said...

Actually, I'll bet I'm the worst... but I too am so glad to hear all is well.

Stephanie said...

PS I have great news, and the better you know me, the better you'll understand just how GOOD this news is. I may be a moody, hot-flash(y), sleepy, hungry pregnant lady, but I am NOT a SICK pregnant lady. I have had a few moments, but nothing serious (imagine carsickness before it gets bad, just the ech feeling). And I'm almost to week 9, and sickness begins in weeks 5-8, so it looks as though I might get to skip that part. YAY!

Mary said...

YAY, there isn't anyone I'd rather NOT throw up than you. That is awesome.

PS (I hope we get to have the Gods will conversation at some point. One thing I am learning lately is that I can talk about it all I want, but it still just keeps happening anyway!)

Heather said...

Steph, call me when you feel like it. Take care of yourself and the Grain of Rice. *grins*

And praise God for you not being sick. Did I mention I hate you? *snicker*

Nick M. said...

I've heard that scientific research shows that little "grains of rice" LOVE Starbucks. Call us (if you wake up) and we can discuss all you want. Keep hanging in there, and I know what you mean about the not bloggin lately. I have so many things (except a grain or rice), but yet I can't get them out.

ps--I did the sick thing for you on're welcome!

Stephanie said...

And, "Gilead"? Lane? Mary? Valerie?

buf said...

you're welcome, Stephanie - I love the lil Grain already :)
I've not read Gilead, but Amazon says amazing things about it. (shush, Heather will beat me up for saying that)
Can't wait to see you soon - glad there's no vomiting goin on, yo.
-- jane'