Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Little Miscellany

* I love to watch people create. Yesterday, Mikkee and I sat for her roommate's painting. I loved watching her mix colors, hearing her talk about the series she is finishing (for a show in Connecticut in two weeks - how exciting is that?). Last week, a friend of Brian's spoke at length about why he chooses certain chords when playing guitar. He got so excited about what he was saying. I love to watch people create. I believe this is the purest way we reflect the image of God.

* The weather is PERFECT in Nashville right now. I just came home from a weekend with my friends up there. I believe that Mikkee and I may actually have talked nonstop for 36 hours. Yet somehow I am energized, not tired, from that ... proof both that Mikkee is a good friend and that I am a quintessentially extroverted person.

* We're still in Alabama, for those who haven't heard. But we're nearing the end ... our refrigerator is nearly empty, our candles are burned to the nub. We think we'll be leaving for KC in a week.

* Last one: I really like poems/songs that use descriptions of scenes to reflect characters or emotions. This is why I am enjoying Sandra McCracken so much right now ... she has several songs (such as "Gypsy Flat Road" and "Springtime Indiana") that do this beautifully. It's what I like about my mom's poem "Groundbreaking, 1967" (mentioned several weeks ago now - if I knew how to do links I would make one now), and it's what I like about William Carlos Williams, whom I have recently been reading.

That's all for now. I intend to write something worth posting later tonight. Until then, enjoy your evening.


Madame Rubies said...

I got a sitter, so I CAN go on the retreat with you guys! Yay!

You sound like I did after 6.5 hours of talkiing to Leila, last week.

I don't know any of Sandra McCracken. Must hear her.

lovelib said...

You can get all three of Sandra's albums on

Stephanie said...

Well, I can't get any music right now, because we can't get ITunes to work on our computer, and our music is formatted in mp4 (instead of mp3), so we can't convert to another program. Argh.

But thanks for letting me know. =)

lovelib said...

paste isn't like itunes. you actually purchase it and it is shipped to you, but i think you have all 3 albums anyway so the paste comment was mainly for heather's benefit 8-)

Madame Rubies said...

Thanks Mary. I will have to listen to her when Steph visits and see if I may want to get the albums for Christmas.